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A Rediscovered Energy May 1, 2008

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This was my final project for a digital art class that I took this semester. I focused on nature as a theme and used Enya songs to support that theme.



Constructed Reality Part II April 25, 2008

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This accompanying piece contains a more thought-provoking idea. The same person is seen repeatedly throughout the piece, but the interaction between figures brings up a variety of questions concerning the self and the body.


Constructed Reality Part I

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This and the following piece work side by side. In this one, the main idea was to portray a time lapse over a night in the library. The same person is seen multiple times in different positions to illustrate the variety of activities gone through during a long study session in the library by way of a compression of time.


Photos from the Elk River

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I took these while on a canooing trip with my Dad last summer on the Elk River in Tennessee. Which ones are your favorites? I’m trying to figure out which ones to enter in contests if the opportunity. April 8, 2008

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After reading “Art in the Age of Digital Distribution” I looked into some of the websites. I was prepared to do a response to the article as a whole, but after visiting I changed my mind and my topic of discussion. That website is creepy. Artistic? Maybe, and interesting that the real artist has not been discovered, but there is some crazy stuff on there that shouldn’t be written and should not claim to be written by a “nearly 13 year old” girl. There’s a page looking into the best way to kill yourself when you’re under 13, a digitally enhanced picture of a group of plush bunnies that claim to have all sorts of gross distortions that I couldn’t decipher, and there are pages with extremely sexually provocative material. I oscillate between thinking “what a grotesque and disturbed girl” and “what a pedophile that created this website.”


My Frankenstein February 7, 2008

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It is common in today’s market for advertisements not to be selling the actual product, but to be selling sex. We see scantily clad women (and men) in commercials and ads for products that should have nothing to do with sex at all, but that is what they are selling. In my piece, the text “Got Sex?” is meant to be cutting to the core of many ads. My ad is selling what is actually seen, not some random product on the side.